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We’re building tools to power payments innovation, globally

Our mission
Connect innovators to the world of payments.

Real-time payment data can be incredibly powerful. However, the global payments ecosystem is highly complex, and often opaque. This environment hampers payments-led product innovation. We decided to do something about it.

With the support of the world’s largest card networks our APIs make it simple to connect and securely build on top of payment cards. It’s our mission to provide developers with the tools they need to create lasting value for and deep connections with their users.

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Our work

Fidel’s role in the ecosystem is to help developers deliver rich experiences and exceptional products by leveraging the value of payment cards. By doing so, Fidel abstracts the complexity of the payments ecosystem, and reduces the time and cost typically required to overcome these challenges. We’re helping unlock the potential of real-time payments by removing the limitations on the incredible things that can be built and the people that can be reached.

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Our people

We’re a team of 60+ all focused on one vision — building a better financial ecosystem for everyone. Between us, we speak 27 languages and represent 21 different nationalities. It’s our diversity of background, thought and skill that’s helping us build a truly global product.

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Our values

At Fidel, we live by our values and what we stand for, and that feeds into every decision we make. Our relationships with our customers, partners and colleagues are what define us, and what keep us facing forward as we grow.

Be humble

We’re a team of learners. It’s more important for us to build the best product possible than to always be right. We listen to alternative opinions, let things go (even when we love them) and leave our egos at the door.

Be honest

We’re open and honest in everything we do. We don’t hide behind language or tell half-truths. We don’t pass the buck or make excuses. We’re continuously building on our founding principles of trust and transparency; we know they’re essential to get us where we’re going.

Be adaptable

We’re always listening — to our customers, to the market and to each other. We’re adaptable, agile, and open to trying new things. We never waver in our core mission, but we’re creative about how we get there.

Be encouraging

We’re empowering the next generation of innovation and that means empowering the people behind them, too. We work together and we help each other out, because we want everyone to benefit from the ecosystem we’re building. We create a space for people to succeed.

Be a leader

We believe that passion breeds the best results. We stand up for what we believe in, run with ideas, and see projects through to the very end. We own our work, and we take pride in it.